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Terms and Conditions

Hero Services (Part of Clearance And Clean Up Ltd) Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotation

1.1 Our quotation represents a price based on the provided information. Moving abroad costs do not include customs duties, inspections, or any fees/taxes payable to statutory bodies. Additional charges for such duties or fees are your responsibility, in addition to the quoted price.

  1. Amendments

2.0 We reserve the right to amend the quotation price to account for changes in circumstances not considered during the initial quote. These changes must be confirmed in writing and may include:

2.1 Work not done within 3 months of the quoted date.

2.2 Increased costs due to currency fluctuations, taxation changes, freight charges, or fuel price increases.

2.3 Collection/delivery above ground or first floor, not disclosed during the quotation.

2.4 Provision of additional services.

2.5 Work carried out outside normal hours or on weekends/bank holidays (additional charges apply).

2.6 Requested additional services not initially included in the quotation.

2.7 Inability to access the collection/delivery point, requiring an alternative vehicle at your expense.

2.8 Parking or parking penalty charges.

2.9 Delays or events beyond our control increasing resource costs.

2.10 The quotation is not a contract until the 'Acceptance' form is signed or full payment is made.

  1. Additional Work

3.0 Unless agreed in writing, the following is not included in the quotation:

3.1 Dismantling or assembly of units, with a disclaimer for any damage caused during this process.

3.2 Disconnecting/reconnecting appliances, fixtures, or equipment.

3.3 Removal of fitted floor coverings.

3.4 Movement of items deemed unsafe by our staff.

  1. Your Responsibilities

4.0 You must:

4.1 Declare the value of goods being moved or stored.

4.2 Obtain necessary permissions/licenses for removal.

4.3 Be present during collection and delivery.

4.4 Prepare appliances for removal.

4.5 Take precautions to prevent unauthorised removal.

4.6 Provide protection for unattended goods.

4.7 If self-packing, ensure packing is completed on time.

4.8 Empty, defrost, and clean refrigerators/freezers.

4.9 Provide contact details during the removal process.

4.10 We are not liable for losses due to your failure unless our negligence is proven.

  1. Ownership of Goods

5.0 You confirm ownership or authorised representation for the goods.

5.1 You indemnify us against any claims resulting from a breach of clause 5.

  1. Excluded Goods

6.0 Unless agreed in writing, the following items are excluded:

6.1 Prohibited, stolen, drugs, dangerous items.

6.2 Valuables, perishables, livestock, items requiring licenses.

6.3 No liability for certain garden items due to weathering.

  1. Postponement and Cancellation

7.0 Charges for postponement or cancellation are based on notice:

7.1 More than 7 days before - no charge.

7.2 3 to 7 days before - up to 20% of the removal charge.

7.3 Less than 3 days before - 50%.

7.4 Key exchange delay may incur storage and re-delivery costs.

  1. Payment

8.0 Payment in advance is required.

8.1 Card payment or bank transfer is accepted at booking.

8.2 30-day payment terms for commercial customers (subject to credit check).

8.3 Interest on overdue amounts may be charged.

8.4 Payment terms can be varied only with written agreement.

8.5 No move is scheduled until payment or an official order is received.

  1. Liability for Loss or Damage

9.0 Our liability is limited to the declared value or £30,000, whichever is less. £50 per item applies if no value is declared.

9.1 No liability is assumed for "new for old" claims.

9.2 No liability if goods are moved against advice.

9.3 Notification of damage must be within 24 hours.

9.4 Extended liability cover is available at an additional charge.

9.5 Limited liability for certain items and conditions (flat packs, soft furnishings).

9.6 In the event of payment for a damaged item, it becomes our property.

9.7 Customer liable for recovery costs of unpaid invoices.

  1. Excluded Risks

10.0 Not liable for electrical/mechanical derangement, self-packed items, wear and tear, mysterious disappearance, and other specified exclusions.

  1. Delays In Transit

11.0 Arrival/departure times are estimates. Delays within our control may result in compensation for reasonable expenses.

11.1 Inability to deliver may incur additional storage and delivery charges.

  1. Time Limit For Making a Claim

12.0 Notification of loss or damage must be within 24 hours of collection or delivery unless a written extension is agreed.

  1. Withholding or Disposal of the Goods

13.0 We can withhold/dispose of goods until charges are paid, especially for reported claims before completion.

  1. Subcontracting

14.0 We reserve the right to subcontract, with these terms continuing to apply.

  1. Applicable Law

15.0 These terms are subject to the laws of England and Wales.

  1. Whole Agreement

16.0 These terms, together with the quotation, constitute the entire agreement.

  1. Termination

17.1 Termination possible with notice; customer remains liable for storage charges upon termination with goods in storage.